Sunday, June 5, 2011

Colrain's Irish Namesake

Colrain, Ma was named after Coleraine, Ireland in 1743 by the first settlers. Coleraine in Ireland, 55 miles northwest of Belfast, has an ancient history dating back to the earliest evidence of human settlement in Ireland. In the Mountsandel Forest of Coleraine can be found wooden houses dating from 7000 BC. The Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick* records how Coleraine got its name. When St Patrick arrived in the area, he was received with great honour and hospitality by the local chieftain, Nadslua, who offered him land next to the river Bann on which to build a church. The land was overgrown with ferns so the area was called CĂșil Raithin ('nook of ferns').

*from Early Irish History and Antiquities and the History of West Cork, by Rev. W. O'Halloran published 1916

(Written by Eli Rogosa)
More information about the history of Coleraine, Ireland may be read on the website of the Coleraine Historical Society.