Covered Bridge

Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge

Colrain was once home to at least 12 covered bridges. Most were destroyed in the floods of 1936 and the flooding caused by the 1938 hurricane. The Arthur A. Smith covered bridge is the last one remaining.

The July 20-August 2, 2006 issue of the Shelburne Falls Independent printed an article written by Laura Rodley titled "Repairs Near Completion for Arthur A Smith Bridge: Historic covered ‘Burr arch’ bridge is the last of its kind in Massachusetts". It includes a nice picture of Basil Hoffman and Belden Merims posing in front of the bridge. The article starts on page 1 in the left column and is continued on page 6:

A dedication ceremony was held on May 24, 2008 after completion of the repairs. A letter of thanks on the editorial page of the Shelburne Falls Independent may be read here:

An online Case Study about the design and rehabilitaion of the Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge : A more detailed version of this report may be read in the book titled Historic Bridges: Evaluation, Preservation, and Management, edited by Hojjat Adeli, CRC Press, 2008, Chapter 13, pages 243-259. See the book description on the publisher's website:

Photographs of the covered bridge sitting on cribbing, awaiting repair:

Some photographs of the early stages of the covered bridge renovations may be viewed on the website of Patrick duBreuil:

A photograph of the renovated covered bridge on,_Colrain_MA.jpg

Photographs of two covered bridge art quilts by Ruth B. McDowell

Massachusetts Covered Bridges, by John S. Burk, published by Arcadia Publishing in 2010 has photographs and information about many of the Colrain covered bridges: When you get to the Arcadia website, click the Google Preview button, then type Colrain into the search box and hit enter. Click the Next button three times to get to the section of the book with 14 photographs of Colrain covered bridges on pages 46-54. A copy of the book is available at the Griswold Memorial Library.