Sunday, March 27, 2011

Colrain's Town Flag

The Colrain Town Flag  was designed and made by Mildred F. Scranton in 1994. It has seven images on a white background. The flag may be viewed in the Colrain Town Office located at 55 Main Road. The flag is 58" wide by 36" high.
  • Upper left corner: The first raising of a United States flag above a school occurred on Catamount Hill in 1812.
  • Upper right corner: The Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge crosses the North River in Lyonsville, connecting Main Road (Rt. 112) to Foundry Village Road.  Built in 1875, and recently renovated at a cost of  about 2.1 million dollars, the bridge is now open for foot and bicycle traffic. The bridge is noted for its unusual design incorporating a Burr Truss. Photos of the bridge before its recent reconstruction  may be seen at
  • Lower right corner: The historic Brick Schoolhouse (built in 1812) in East Colrain on Shelburne Line Road near the intersection with East Colrain Road.
  • Lower left corner: The Harp Elm Tree grew on the edge of the North River Cemetery beside Rt. 112. A memorial marker stone may be viewed at the site of the tree, which was killed by Dutch Elm disease in the 1970's.
  • Top center and bottom center : An apple and a Holstein cow represent the town's agricultural heritage and the continued importance of farming to the local economy. According to A History of Colrain Massachusetts by Lois McLellan Patrie (page 121) "Fruit trees were first grafted in Colrain about 1798. Barnabas Porter grew the first Porter apple and brought the first Baldwin grafts". There were 4,437 acres of apple trees and 3,111 acres of English Hay in Colrain in 1856.
  • Center: The official seal of the Town of Colrain.

The following message is displayed in Colrain's Town Office near the Town Flag:

A request came from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for every town/city to have a flag representing their community for Flag Day on June 14, 1994. Said flag to be flown in the Hall of City Flags located in the Great Hall of the State House.
As time went by and no interest was in sight, Mildred said "Well, I'll do it". She wanted Colrain represented.
After she finished the flag and had it prepared for mailing to Boston, she thought Colrain should have one of their own. So, she made another which is displayed here.
Thank you, Mildred.
This photo of Mildred F. Scranton is displayed in Colrain's Town Office near the Town Flag. 
Mrs. Scranton has the honor of being Colrain's oldest resident.
She celebrated her 101st birthday in March, 2011.